Monday, March 26, 2007

Clever Cover Story Awards

Oh spring break was marvelous, just heavenly... now it's back to the same old story. I feel so guilty for allowing myself to become so close to someone, someone else. The more and more I see this person the more thick this feeling becomes. Okay, so simply see less of him. Ahh. I don't want that either. Things have moved and continue to move too fast. How do I slow it down without bringing it all to a halt? Then I find myself asking, Do I really want to slow it down at all? Ah, I've turned into the cake girl. I want it all. I want everyone. Decisions, terrible, necessary decisions. Will they hold my scholarship? Will I have to stick around for a one more whole semester? Am I just running away or running towards something? What the heck is a "prospect" anyway? How on earth am I going to complete all my assignments this week? I just want to live.

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