Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Sweet Gesture

Yesterday my husband did something really thoughtful. It's a funny story so I'd thought I'd share it. Maybe a month ago I accidently bought two TresEmme conditioners when I thought I was buying a shampoo/conditioner combo. Trying out new hair products is an indulgence I give myself. TresEmme was cheap and I thought I remembered using it years ago and liking it, so I gave it a try. Well of course after discovering my mistake I had to make an additional shopping trip to pick up the shampoo. I hate this stuff! It has caused my hair nightmares. Even though everytime I'd get out of the shower I'd be cussing at myself for my mistake, I wasn't just going to waste all that stuff by simply throwing it away. I have been accused of being a wasteful person so this was my chance to redeem myself. I was just going to have to stick it out and use all of the crapoo. In the meantime I had received a free sample for Aveeno's new hairline and fell in love with the pricey stuff. It was settled, as soon as my yucky experiment shampoo ran out I was going to run out and buy this stuff. (I'm always checking wal-mart for free samples, why not?) Yesterday my husband calls me at work and says, "Guess what I just did?" He like making me guess, sometimes I just don't have any guesses left in me, "What?" "I threw away all your shampoo and conditioner, guess you'll have to go buy that stuff you like on your way home from work." So excuse me for being crazy in love, but isn't that the sweetest?

Anyway, I got the Aveeno Nourish+Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner. It rocks. My hair loves me once again.