Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God weeps

This semester I'm taking Visual Culture of the 1960's. In an attempt to understand the context of the visual culture we are studying the history, movements, and key figures of the decade. My heart is continually saddened as I read of the terrible events of injustice and hatred. My eyes swell with tears as I watch my brothers and sisters beaten and spit upon because of the color of their skin or the ideals they hold. I'm amazed that this country survived. Now I know that this country is not perfect, never has been, and I'll probably never live to see the day that is. As I dwell on the hatred and utter fear driven chaos of those times and similar times today, I feel so small. As I see corrupt and power hungry individuals pollute the ideals of hope and freedom tears fall freely down my cheeks. What have they done to my America? I am just one person, how can I change the world? How can I make a difference? The answer is sweet and simple, even abtainable. I will love. I will love my fellowman. I will love my family. I will love my children, and teach them that love and charity, the pure love of Christ, is our only chance at change. No government agency can offer that. I thank my dearest Heavenly Father that I was born to parents who love.


Tara Mertz said...
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Tara Mertz said...

I took this class as well! It's weird that I don't remember you from it... then again, it was a fairly large class.

I really cried when she showed the photograph and video of that man being shot in the head.