Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nursery Project

The baby's nursery is finished!!! Thank goodness. I had a lot of fun brainstorming for ideas and working on projects for the room but I am so glad it's all said and done with. Here's some pictures from the whole process.

Bare Bones of the room

Paint samples. I discovered the coolest thing. At Home Depot they have these cute little bottles of paint testers you can buy. I wanted to buy 10 of them!!

Mom and Brianna were such a help! Thanks you two!

Here's the room in it's finished form!

Mom re-did the glider. We got the fabric and supplies real cheap thanks to Hobby Lobby's coupon. I'm going to use my childhood desk as a changing table. Funny how things cycle.
Mom also helped me project and paint the Trufulla trees. Nate approves.

Dad cut the letters out for me so I could chose the font I liked. I used the font "Kristen" or maybe it's "Kirsten" through out the room. I first downloaded a free Dr. Seuss font but I didn't like how it was all caps and it's wasn't cute enough.

The crib is from Ikea. I bought it in Tempe while we were there for Justina's marathon. As the fates would have it Brianna and Jaocb were spending a fun filled weekend in Phoenix and graciously offered to tote it home for me in there truck. So awesome to have good friends.

Nate and I have a long standing joke about Ikea's instructions for assembling their furniture. The directions are all pictures with no accompanying text. I happen to think their fun and easy to understand. Nate's opinion differs. So half the fun of setting up the crib is making fun of Nate's inability to cope with "Directions made for a woman." After a few swear words (just kidding!) we managed to get the crib together and feel confident that it would safely hold our baby girl.

Horton was so fun to paint and I'm very pleased with how he turned out. Unfortunately the picture is too small on here to read the words I painted. It reads, "A person's a person no matter how small." Ah, warms my heart each time I read that phrase. How can you not love Dr. Seuss?

These next pictures represent my favorite project from the nursery. Not coincidentally, this was also the simplest project. I found some vintage Lorax game cards on Etsy, 8 cards for $1. I found some junkie frames at Savers and the ReStore and painted them white. Have you ever tried shopping for white frames in a size bigger then 5x7? Well let me save you some time, they don't exist. At least not that I've found. I still need to hang the other one next to it's partner.

And finally the most frustrating project, the dresser.

Thanks to Vinyl Silhouettes for the custom lettering! This project was supposed to be super easy. My mom printed out the fish on a nice ink jet printer and then I very carefully cut away everything but the details. I began to modge podge them to the surface once the vinyl lettering had been applied. I've never modge podged anything before. Blah. The modge podge was not sticking to the surface of the laminate on the drawers. What a pain. After some sobbing in despair Mom came over and we peeled off the layers of modge podge I had applied, carefully managing to keep the vinyl lettering in place and not mangling the fish too much. A quick sanding job did the trick, thank goodness. We're guessing that the surface of the drawers was just too slick. What would a girl do without her mother? I'm so glad my mom lives so close and I can call her for anything and everything. And I often do. For instance she's not surprised to hear my call and ask, "What temperature do you cook your enchiladas at and for how long?"

Anyway, that is the nursery! It is finished, and all it needs now is a baby.


Mrs. Reese said...

I love it and I love you, and I can't wait for baby Melody!

kara said...

WOW! That is so incredibly cute! I love Dr. Seuss and I think you did such a great job capturing that essence. Looks like a lot of work! Your little girl is gonna love it.

p.s. can you send me your email address so I can add you on my blog? I recently made it private.

Tara Mertz said...

So cute! You did a fantastic job. I think my favorite part is the dresser (I think "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" was one of my first favorite books)!

LaRae said...

AWESOME! I just love what you did. Finished in perfect time too. Can't wait to see more pics with Melody in it. CONGRATS & HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Tanita said...

WOW! Oh, the things you can do!!! Totally awesome, this is the coolest nursery I've ever seen! :>

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

this is so cute and whimsical!!! love it. melody is adorable! thanks for entering my giveaway :)