Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer is Here

Yay! Another semester is finished. I'm going to take one summer class during the first term. Oh, first summer class ever, I wonder if I'll be able to hang. So believe it or not I am not listening to the Beatles. At the moment it's Carrie Underwood.

Here's some projects I want to accomplish this summer:

start the scrapbook I've bought the supplies for
finish nolan's picture book and send it (SOON)
re-do the office so that it is an actual functional space
rearrange living room furniture
hang wedding pictures with temple picture
grow some flowers
work on Taylor'd Photography

I'm really a list person. I'm not sure when it started but I'm the biggest list person you'll ever find.

I have this jar full of questions to help your journal writing. I don't think I've ever used it. Shows how good I am at keeping a journal. Anyway, there's no time like the present...

Here's the question: How many minutes do you spend on the phone in one day?

Boy, that's dated. I haven't had a real long conversation on the phone since my dating days. In those times I could last a good 4 hours, maybe longer. Now a days it's a quick conversation a work, between classes, or on the commute home. I'd say the longest I stay on the phone now is 20 minutes, and that's rare. Phone conversations are almost eliminated due to text messages. Crazy. I'm really going to have to work with my kids on vocabulary since who know how brain mushy their generation will be. I blame it on the text. OMG, LOL, DIY, FYI, BTW. I hate these.

Okay there's my rant and attempt at journaling for the day.

I other news, Nate and I tackled a small project yesterday. We painted our front door red! We wanted something to tell our house apart from the cookie cutter ones surrounding us. We figured this would accomplish that. It looks great. Here are some pictures. (Pictures of the final project to follow...)

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The Reese's said...

I want to see the red door! BTW (haha) I love Carrie Underwood too, and I think I might be a bigger list person then you, sometimes I make the same list more than once in different ways, yada yada yada, I knew we were meant to be together in a totally non romantic way, in a no one understands me like you do not even my husband way. I heart you Ellie!